• Automatic water softener

    Automatic water softener Product overview LH-RS series automatic water softener is also called softened water treatment device, automatic water softener, water softener, softened water tre...Read More

  • Electronic descaler

    Electronic descaler Product overview The LH-CG series electronic scale remover generates electromagnetic field through the instrument, which causes water molecules to move at a high s...Read More

  • Bypass water processor

    Bypass water processor Product Overview The LH-PL side-flow circulating water processor is a new generation product developed on the basis of the original full-flow water processor. The ...Read More

  • Comprehensive water processor

    Comprehensive water processor Product overview The LH-QC series integrated water processor is a comprehensive water processor developed for the four major problems that commonly exist in variou...Read More

  • RF Water Processor

    RF Water Processor Overview of the principle The RF water processor generates a high-energy RF electric field, which acts on the water system pipelines, causing the water molecules i...Read More

  • Condenser rubber ball online cleaning device

    Condenser rubber ball online cleaning device Product overview The condenser rubber ball cleaning device is a kind of elastic rubber ball with a wet diameter slightly larger than the inside diameter of the con...Read More

  • UV sterilizer

    UV sterilizer Product overview UV sterilizers have the advantages of high stability of irradiation intensity, sterilization life of up to 9000 hours, light transmission rate of ...Read More

  • Automatic dosing device

    Automatic dosing device Product introduction LH-JY series full-automatic dosing device is a complete set of equipment with dispensing, dosing and automatic control. It is widely used in p...Read More

  • Integrated physical and chemical water processor

    Integrated physical and chemical water processor Working principle The LH-WQC series integrated physical and chemical water processor is a practical new product for circulating water treatment. It comprehensively...Read More