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Briefly introduce the working principle of the whole process integrated water processor
- 2022-05-19-

The whole process integrated water processor is a combination product of electric water processor and filter. It is our company's upgrade and replacement equipment based on similar domestic equipment. It combines the anti-corrosion, anti-scaling, sterilization, algae killing and The water quality filtration function is integrated into one, which overcomes the disadvantages of low power and simplification of the original equipment. On the filter unit, forced external force cleaning is used for backwashing, which has the advantages of small water consumption for backwashing, low backwashing pressure, and convenient equipment installation. It is in line with the principle of water saving and is an alternative to traditional equipment. It has the design of mechatronics, pure physical treatment, no need for chemicals, low resistance, large flow, low operating costs, simple operation, convenient protection, and is suitable for civilian use. Water quality treatment of circulating water system.

The working principle of the whole process integrated water processor

The whole-process integrated water processor uses the alternating electromagnetic field generated by the frequency conversion high-frequency generator to process the water, so that the original binding bond of the water is broken and dissociated into highly active single molecules or small pedicles. The water in the state of water, then changes the physical structure and characteristics of the water, enhances the water molecule's property, increases the even moment of the water molecule, and hinders the formation of scale. The scale can be controlled and removed under the effect of variable frequency high-frequency electromagnetic fields. , The continuous effect of the frequency conversion high frequency electromagnetic field makes the dissolved oxygen and water molecules in the water difficult to separate, and then inhibits the occurrence of oxidative corrosion and galvanic corrosion, which has a good effect of anti-corrosion and rust resistance. , the environment on which algae live is damaged, and dissolved oxygen constitutes a d amount of O3, H2O2 and other substances that have strong lethality to bacteria and algae under the effect of variable frequency high-frequency electromagnetic fields, which play a role in sterilization and algae killing. Effect.

The suspended solids in the circulating water can be filtered together with the electric treatment to achieve the purpose of controlling the turbidity of the water.

The filtration part in the whole-process integrated water processor can filter the suspended solids and solid impurities in the water, which can reduce the turbidity of the water and improve the cleanliness of the water.