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How to check whether the shallow sand filter is leaking
- 2022-05-26-

How to check if a shallow sand filter is leaking

Whether the shallow sand filter is horizontal or vertical, the water flow direction of the system should be the same as the direction of the arrow on the valve during installation. After installing the filter screen on the Y-type filter, it is necessary to check whether there is water leakage, However, if there is water leakage, the gasket may be damaged and can be replaced. It is necessary to check whether there are too many impurities in the Y-type filter in time. This method can be used to install a pressure gauge on the two ends of the filter. When the pressure readings at the two ends differ When it is extremely large, it indicates that there are some impurities in the filter screen, which can be cleaned. Fourth, the filter should be installed and used together with the shut-off valve. The shut-off valve should be installed upstream, downstream and downstream of the filter, so as to facilitate maintenance. Operate and install household water purifiers to solve drinking water problems in Africa.

The shallow sand filter greatly prolongs the service life of the filter screen. It can be installed with a small mesh size of 20μm to 10μm ultra-fine filter screen. High (up to 4 percent "6 percent" for disposal, if the recycled material does not need a higher concentration, it also needs to use water spray discharge, simple structure, low production interest, low investment, adjustable filter cartridge speed, and the disposal of water. Strong adaptability to changes in flow rate and concentration, no need for scrapers or rollers. Easy to operate, less use, no need for normal pressure water legs or lines. 5r\/min has a long service life, low maintenance, and less clean water in the equipment. It can be used to clean the filter screen, which greatly compares the consumption of fresh water, and the residence time of solids (or fibers) and water in the filter is only tens of seconds.