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Shallow sand filters have a wide range of applications
- 2022-06-07-

Which industries need to use shallow sand filters

Shallow sand filters are widely used in various industries. Let's explain them one by one:

1. Filtration of industrial water --- There are certain system requirements for water quality. Such as: steel mill oxygen lance water, boiler, heat exchanger water supply filtration, etc., can filter out impurities in water and avoid blockage of pipelines and nozzles.

2. Filtration system of industrial circulating water.

3. Raw water treatment --- It can filter surface river water, lake water, sea water, reservoir water, well water and urban tap water as the water source for urban districts' differentiated water supply, etc., to remove sand particles, suspended solids, algae, organic matter, etc. in the water.

4. Agricultural irrigation---especially suitable for high-flow, high-impurity water sources, such as farmland irrigation, lawn irrigation in parks and golf courses, etc.

5. Shallow sand for food processing industry water, paper industry, power plant industry circulating water treatment, etc. Which industries need shallow sand filters for industrial and medical pure water pretreatment. Recirculation of industrial production water, industrial wastewater treatment.

6. Aquaculture, swimming and water park industries.

Shallow sand filter has the characteristics of energy saving and money saving:

Water saving: Because of its unique water make-up device and water collector, the system has a unified specification tank, so that the medium layer can be very uniformly expanded for effective backwashing without the need for compressed air during backwashing. The water used for backwashing is filtered The amount of backwashing water consumed is small. The backwashing water volume of a single tank is only 1m3\/min, and the backwashing time is 2-3 minutes.

Save maintenance costs: The whole system has no mechanical or electric valves, and only the unique multi-function valve controls the backwash of the system. Because the unique multi-function valve has no wear, long life, no damage records within 10 years, and low management costs.