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Briefly describe how the constant pressure water supply device works
- 2022-03-23-

The manufacturer of constant pressure water replenishment device answers its working principle

The constant pressure water supply device is a stable pressure water flushing device, which is widely used in air conditioning, heating systems, water supply pipe network systems, etc. It can replace the traditional expansion tank, can reduce the number of pumps, and can absorb water in the expansion system. Part Easy to achieve automatic flushing, automatic exhaust, automatic decompression.

Working principle: The working principle of the constant pressure water replenishment device is to use the expansion of gas. It is mainly composed of a box-type constant pressure tank, a water pump, a pressure switch, a control box, a safety valve, a base and a connecting pipe. As the temperature of the system increases, As the volume of water increases, the pressure in the system increases. At this point, some water will enter the constant pressure tank of the capsule. The expansion of the capsule will compress the gas in the tank until the system pressure and the pressure in the tank balance. As the amount of water in the system decreases And the system pressure decreases, the gas in the tank expands and pushes the pressure back into the system. If the water supply still cannot meet the needs of the system, the pump starts to replenish the water. The start and stop actions of the pump are controlled by the system's electrical contact pressure gauge and control box. The electrical contact has 2 set pressure points, one is the pump start pressure P1, the other is the pump stop pressure P2, P1 and P2 are the low constant pressure point and high working pressure of the system respectively. The constant pressure water supply device is replenished through the oil tank. When the system pressure does not reach P1, the control box controls the pump to start replenishing the system with water. When the system pressure and the tank pressure are greater than P2, the pump stops working.

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