• Brush self-cleaning filter

    Brush self-cleaning filter Product overview The LH-SZ series brush-type self-cleaning filter is a device that uses a filter screen to intercept impurities in the liquid and has an automatic ...Read More

  • PF Backflush Sewage Filter

    PF Backflush Sewage Filter Product overview The LH-PF backflushing sewage filter is a device that uses a filter screen to intercept impurities in the liquid and has an automatic backwashing ...Read More

  • Suction Scanning Backwash Filter

    Suction Scanning Backwash Filter Product Introduction The self-cleaning system of the LH-XZ series suction-scanning anti-cleaning filter uses a spiral-type sucking scanner, which has the advantage...Read More

  • Quartz Sand Filter

    Quartz Sand Filter Product overview LH-SYS series quartz sand filtration is one of the effective means to remove suspended solids in water. It is an important unit in advanced sewage...Read More

  • Activated carbon filter

    Activated carbon filter Product overview The LH-HTX series activated carbon filter is a device that utilizes the adsorption of activated carbon to enrich or concentrate pollutants in the ...Read More

  • Iron and manganese removal filter

    Iron and manganese removal filter Product overview The LH-CTM series iron-removing manganese filter uses dissolved oxygen as an oxidant and relies on a catalytic manganese sand filter to ion exchan...Read More

  • Multi-media filter

    Multi-media filter Product overview The LH-DJZ series multi-media filter is filled with two or more kinds of filter materials in an inner filter, which can improve the effect of a si...Read More

  • Shallow media filter

    Shallow media filter Product overview LH-AGF series shallow layer media filter, also known as high-speed filter, is a filtration system composed of one or more standard high-speed filt...Read More

  • Room temperature deaerator

    Room temperature deaerator Product Overview For many years, people have been troubled by the traditional deaeration method due to the harsh external conditions, which can not achieve the des...Read More

  • Cyclone sand remover

    Cyclone sand remover Product overview The LH-XL series cyclone sand remover is made by using the sieving principle of solid particles in the fluid when it rotates in the sand remover. ...Read More

  • Basket filter

    Basket filter Product overview The LH-LS series blue filter is mainly composed of a tube, a cylinder, a filter basket, a flange cover and a fastener, etc., which can remove soli...Read More

  • Precision filter

    Precision filter Product overview LH-JM series precision filters are also called security filters, with beautiful appearance, simple structure, internal and external polishing, low...Read More

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