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Five advantages of quartz sand filters

Five advantages of quartz sand filter :

1. A major advantage of the quartz sand filter produced by Gongquan is that it has a compact structure: the device integrates coagulation reaction, filtration and continuous cleaning. Simplified water treatment process, small footprint, simple structure, flexible and convenient installation and operation. Reduced energy consumption and labor management costs in multiple links of the raw water treatment process, reducing the difficulty of operation.

2. The effect of coagulation reaction is obvious: the coagulation reaction mechanism and the sedimentation mechanism are used to effectively remove suspended matter and colloidal substances in water, which is beneficial to further reduce the turbidity of the effluent water in the sand filtration zone.

3. Continuous self-cleaning and filtering: The filter medium is automatically circulated and continuously cleaned.

4. Reduce the suspended solids (SS) content in raw water: with the micro-flocculation device, the water intake should not be higher than SS≤mg / L of various industrial water, urban domestic sewage, and industrial water as reclaimed water. Perfect filtering effect.

5, special materials, long life, welcome to consult.

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