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Disadvantages and advantages of quartz sand filters

As everyone knows, in the raw water filtration, quartz sand filter is indispensable. The quartz sand filter produced by Gongquan Company is cost-effective, has a good filtering effect, and uses quartz sand as a filter filler. The price is relatively favorable. The main thing is The corresponding suspended matter and organic matter are removed, so it has played a very important role in the field of water treatment and has been recognized by everyone. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a filter?

An introduction to the advantages of quartz sand filters.

The advantages of quartz sand filters are still very obvious. The practicality of this type of equipment is very high, and the cost investment is not much. So to ensure a good use effect, you only need to provide it from a professional manufacturer. Worried that there might be any problems. Moreover, the subsequent maintenance of this type of filter is simple, you only need to simply rinse and do some corresponding position treatment, and you don't have to worry too much. Nowadays, it is basically made of stainless steel, so the service life is also longer.

An introduction to the disadvantages of quartz sand filters.

Compared to other filters, the quartz sand filter can only filter some large pollutants. If it is some small bacteria, it needs another filter for secondary filtering. And if there is a problem, then it should definitely be handled by a professional business, but relatively speaking, in fact, such a filter is good in practicality, as long as it can contact a good manufacturer, the other party to conduct the overall Maintenance and treatment are of course guaranteed, so naturally we can rest assured.