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Talking about the circulating water system of the bypass water processor manufacturer

The bypass water processor plays a pivotal role in the circulating water treatment system! Circulating water includes circulating cooling water and circulating frozen water, so the bypass water processor includes a cooling water bypass water processor and a frozen water bypass water processor .

The circulating water system generally consists of the following parts:

1. Heat exchangers in the production process;

2. Cooling structures;

3. Circulating water pump and collecting pool. Cooling structures that are cooled by cooling water often use cooling ponds or cooling towers; the generation of circulating cooling water

In the industrial production process, to make the raw materials react to produce the required products, the raw materials are usually heated; at the same time, the products produced must form industrial products.

Products often require cooling; therefore, a large amount of cooling water is often required in the industrial production process, and the total amount of industrial cooling water can account for more than 60% of the total industrial water.

Microbial corrosion and silent corrosion are suppressed. The purpose of the circulating cooling water treatment is to prevent the heat exchanger from being damaged by the circulating water. The complete protection film should be formed on the tube wall of the heat exchanger before the control of corrosion, sediment and microorganisms during the operation.

The bypass water processor is a system for cooling and treating the cooling water recycled in the industrial sector. The circulating cooling water is called circulating water. During the process of cooling production equipment or products, the cooling water temperature rises. Although its physical properties have not changed much, after long-term recycling, some dissolved substances in the water condense or disappear, The accumulation of dust and the growth of microorganisms cause the deposition of scale in equipment and pipelines or the corrosion of metal equipment pipelines; therefore, they must be cooled and stabilized in order to make the circulating water system work normally.

The pretreatment methods of the circulating cooling system include:

1. Chemical cleaning agent cleaning;

2. Rinse well;

3. Pre-film.

There are many types of chemical cleaning agents used in the circulating cooling system, which should be selected in accordance with the dirt components to be removed:

1. For dirt mainly consisting of sticky dirt, a detergent mainly consisting of bactericide should be selected;

2.The main dirt should be coagulant or dispersant.

Industrial applications of side-stream processors

By-pass water processors are widely used in the fields of metallurgy, chemical industry, petroleum, papermaking, medicine, food, mining, electricity, and urban water supply. Such as industrial wastewater, filtration of circulating water, regeneration of emulsion, filtration of waste oil, continuous casting water system, blast furnace water system in metallurgical industry, high-pressure water descaling system for hot rolling, etc. Therefore, the side-flow water processor is widely used and effective, and is an indispensable part of the circulating water treatment system!

The main function

Kill legionella bacteria in water

Suppressing algae

﹡ Waterproof scale, descaling

Prevent equipment corrosion

﹡ Removing suspended matter

Scope of application

﹡ Central air conditioning cooling (medium) water system

﹡ Part of industrial cooling circulating water system

﹡ Refrigeration circulating water system

﹡ Various heat exchange systems

Processing effect

免 The heat exchange surface of the heat exchanger is free of scale and maintains efficient heat exchange;

总数 The total number of bacteria in the cooling water is lower than the standard value;

无 No algae breeding in cooling water;

﹡ Kill Legionella to meet international standards and prevent "SARS"

内 A dense Fe3O4 protective film is gradually formed on the inner wall of the carbon steel water pipe to solve the yellow rust water problem and the corrosion rate is lower than the standard

﹡ Cooling water quality indicators fully meet industrial circulating cooling water quality standards (GB50050-2007).