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Selection and installation precautions of bypass water processor

The side-stream water processor uses a side-stream concentration processing method. The selected microcrystalline seizure equipment and active descaling equipment are used as the central unit of this product. It can continuously and actively crystallize online, self-cleaning on-line negative plate, sustainable and efficient work, and active control system. Water quality.

After the water passes the bypass water processor, the degree of polymerization of the water molecules decreases, and the structure starts to deform, resulting in a series of small elastic changes in physical and chemical properties, such as an increase in puppet pole moment and an increase in polarity, thereby increasing the hydration ability and dissolution of water. Ability; salt ions such as Ca2 + and Mg2 + in the water are subject to the gravitational effect of the electric field, the placement changes, and it is difficult to accumulate toward the wall of the device; the specific energy field alters the crystallization process of CaCO3, inhibits the production of calcite, and supplies the energy to produce aragonite crystals; Under the effect of the electric field, the processor generates a large number of microcrystals. The microcrystals can preferentially remove the easy-to-scale high-sons in the water to form loose aragonite, which is separated and discharged by the auxiliary machine, and then achieves the purpose of antiscaling. After the water is treated, Generates reactive oxygen species. Regarding the system that has been scaled, active oxygen destroys the electronic binding force between scale molecules and changes the crystal structure to change the solid old scale into loose and soft scale. In this way, the scale gradually peels off, and even becomes fragments and debris. intention of.

Selection and equipment attention:

1. Confirm the specifications of the water processor according to the diameter of the system;

2. When designing the equipment, the system water pump should be reserved for the series of side-stream water processors. The water inlet of the bypass water processor is connected to the water outlet pipe of the system water pump, and the water outlet of the serial water processor is connected to the water inlet pipe of the system water pump;

3. When the equipment is installed, there should be at least 600mm of maintenance space around it;

4. The input power of intelligent controller for water processor is AC 380V / 50HZ. Water processor should be installed in a well-ventilated room. If outdoor equipment must be installed, rainproof equipment should be installed. During the equipment and handling process, do not use electrical Force and moisture on the device;

5. A pressure gauge should be set adjacent to the water inlet and outlet of the bypass water processor. The water pressure at the water inlet and outlet of the water processor can reflect the working condition of the water processor;

6. Regarding the new system, before the system is officially launched, the entire pipeline system must be flushed to remove impurities such as welding slag, iron wire, and steel tube oxide scale, and drain the yellow rust water in the system. Regarding the old system with serious scaling (scale thickness> 2.smm), the scale should be removed before the water processor beside the equipment to prevent the old scale from falling and blocking the pipeline.