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Daily use costs of automatic water softener manufacturers

Introduction of automatic water softener:

Automatic water softener manufacturers mainly remove calcium and magnesium ions in source water through cation exchange resin to reduce the hardness of water quality. Another method is the physical soft water method, which is different from the chemical ion exchange method. Calcium and magnesium ions in water are wrapped into crystals by high-energy polymer spheres and do not scale in water. The main technology is nanocrystalline technology. Compared with tap water, soft water has a clear taste and feel. Soft water has high oxygen content and low hardness. It can effectively prevent stone disease, reduce the burden on the heart and kidneys, and is good for health.

Working principle and daily expenses:

The fully automatic water softener has an inlet and an outlet at the position of the control head. Connect the water inlet to the back of the water meter, that is, the total water outlet. All the water is demineralized water, which solves all domestic water. Automatic water softener, bottle filled with resin, transparent yellow particles. Adsorption of water calcium ions on the resin of the automatic water softener. When the resin reaches a certain saturation depends on the concentrated saline, calcium and magnesium ions in the water, the recovery of the resin adsorption function (this is called regeneration), and the regeneration does not require iodized salt. Water is not wasted during normal operation. Salt costs about 10 yuan a month, and the automatic water softener consumes 3 degrees every month.

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