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How to effectively maintain constant pressure water supply and exhaust device

How to keep the constant pressure water supply device at a constant pressure state

Constant pressure water supply device. Its basic function is constant pressure water supply. The intelligent control system makes the pump cooperate with various solenoid valves to complete constant pressure and active water supply when detecting various sensors. In addition, the constant pressure water supply and exhaust device has significant exhaust energy. According to the physical principle, the system releases the pressurized water into the atmospheric pressure diaphragm water tank to realize the exhaust function, which is beneficial to the gas problem in the circulating water.

How to maintain a constant pressure water supply device

1. Manually check the water pump to prevent the standby water pump from rusting and dying.

2. Power frequency water supply: The inverter is faulty and the water supply can be controlled manually.

3. Active fault protection: with overload protection, short-circuit protection, phase loss protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, and instantaneous power failure active recovery and restart functions.

Three: How does the constant pressure water supply device protect the use of this layer to establish a hot water supply and heating system. Urban garden sprinkler irrigation. Production, domestic water supply and constant pressure flow water supply process of industrial and mining enterprises. Summary of the operation process of the constant pressure water supply device: When the device is in the active control state, the constant pressure water supply system needs a pressurization process. The water pump runs through the variable frequency speed control to the power frequency. After the water pump enters the water, it first enters the pressure tank to increase the pressure of the water tank. When the pressure is higher than the set stop pump pressure, the pump will actively stop the pump. Pump pressure will be activated if it is lower than the set water pressure. The active stop of the pump relies on the remote transmission of a pressure gauge to continue to send signals, so that the pressure signal received by the electronic control can conveniently stop the pump.