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Product Details

LH series water separator is a collective name for water collector and water separator. The water separator is a device that disperses one channel of water into several channels of output, and the water trap is a device that combines multiple channels of water into one channel of output. The structure is composed of a main pipe, a branch pipe, a sewage outlet, an exhaust port, a pressure gauge, a thermometer, etc. The larger diameter cylinder is equipped with manholes or hand holes. The material is made of carbon steel coil or seamless steel pipe. Under certain pressure, it belongs to the professional manufacture of pressure vessels. The outer surface is treated with anticorrosion or heat preservation.

The barrel of the water collector is connected with multiple water inlet and outlet pipes according to the needs, which can collect water from each channel or flow water from one channel. The barrel is equipped with a pressure gauge or a thermometer to facilitate the observation of the water flow in the barrel. The lower end of the cylinder is equipped with a sewage outlet for the outflow of sewage when cleaning the cylinder. Its models are mostly DN200-DN1500. On the one hand, it distributes the water in the main pipe as needed to ensure that the flow of the branch loops in each area meets the load requirements. At the same time, it also collects the water flows of the branch loops and inputs them into the main trunk of the water to achieve cyclic operation. The reuse of its return water can achieve more energy-saving effects, and can simultaneously meet the needs of heating and cooling.

Widely used in boilers, central air conditioners, industrial circulating cooling water systems, hot water systems. It is different from other products in air conditioning systems such as heat exchanger groups, constant pressure water supply and exhaust devices, etc. Diverters are mainly used in waterway systems.

Features and technological innovation

1. Strictly designed and produced in accordance with the standard atlas "05K232 sub-cylinders and sub-cylinders", the wall thickness of the cylinder meets the requirements.

2. Optimize the interface of the pressure gauge and thermometer according to the actual use situation, which is convenient for installation and use, and the temperature measurement is accurate.

3. According to each takeover flange, a butterfly valve special flange or a flat welding flange is selected to ensure that the flange matches the corresponding valve. The flange has a large contact area with the valve, high strength, and no leakage.

4. Press the standard pressure test before leaving the factory to ensure no leakage and stable operation.

5, can be customized according to user needs non-standard, to ensure the use of results.


1. The mounting height of the bracket should not exceed 1000mm, and the bracket should be anti-corrosive.

2. The installation of the bracket should consider the requirements of thermal expansion and contraction of the cylinder. One end is fixed and the other end is movable. Ensure thermal expansion and contraction in the working state of the bracket.

3. When the working pressure exceeds 1.0MPa, a valve should be installed between the manifold and the pressure gauge. Pressure gauge and valve specifications are selected according to process design.

Note: The selection parameters are customized according to the actual parameters provided by the customer, and our company provides detailed drawings for customer confirmation and arranges production.